Behind the scenes:
Choo Choo Cheer

First steps

The board gets painted first

Mountains of Krispy Treats

Fondant on the mountains, pretzel rods begin the trestle 'glued' in melted hard candies for structure

Poured melted peppermint candies (the house smells amazing and sinuses are CLEAR!) make the river with rock candy 'ice' along the banks of the river

The bridge tracks laid on a base of gingerbread

Taking shape

ROUND GINGERBREAD! Baked around a tomato paste can and slid off as soon as it came out of the oven. 

The engine taking shape

Many, many wheels of Necco wafers, melting chocolates and tiny non-pareil candies.

Gingerbread man spokes on the engine wheels made from stroopwaffles.

The man himself

The Man of the Hour

tinted fondant, royal icing